The Holidays are Upon Us!

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Panic! The holidays have arrived! But no, don't panic.

Sure, they can be hectic. Argumentative. Stressful.

But they're also marvelous. Full of innocence. And tasty, tasty things. Oh the tasty things.

Such as our 2015 Holiday Menu - chocked full of CHC firsts.

Like our Penuche - a satin-smooth brown sugar fudge. Glurg. So good. 

New Dark n Stormy Bonbons marry a tasty locally crafted rum - Ration Rum from Maine Craft Distilling - with fresh ginger and white chocolate ganache encased in a white chocolate shell. Amaze-ballz.

Our new Chai Spice Bonbons are dark chocolate wonders, flavored with a creamy luscious custom masala tea blend from Dobra Tea in Portland and then encased in a dark chocolate shell that snaps at your bite.

We're also bringing back fan faves like Peppermint Bark, S'more Pops, Almond Toffee Bark, Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread Men, and our must-have delight: Maine Sea Salt Caramel Bonbons. The holidays!

So please, feel free to ask us any questions you have about any of our confections - we do Corporate Gifts for you busy busy worker bots (we love you beep beep!) and Holiday Party platters a favorite thing we do for the busy host or hostess. 

Holiday hugs to all our CHC friends -- and oh boy CHC Confection of the Month subscribers, do you have a fun December 2015 goodie package coming your way! OMG the insanity! 


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