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Summer is dead. Long live Autumn!

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Nate Towne | 1 comment

Okay, so we survived our first summer -- thank you fine customers for sticking with us in the sticky heat! While we love the warm surf and all, we are sooooooo so so overjoyed that autumn is here. You know why. Yes, it's time for new seasonal flavors, fall flavors inspired by the taste traditions of Maine. And Autumn means pumpkins. We loooooove pumpkins. Now stop that. STOP thinking about pumpkin spice. Blaspheme. Anyone can 'spice it up' - but it takes a true pumpkin believer to eschew the over-marketed, over-saturated pumpkin spice and just. Dig. In. To. Pumpkin. Have you ever had one of our award-winning Pumpkin Cremes? Of course you haven't - or very few of you have - because this is our first Autumn of being in business. We've made them for friends and family, entered them in contests (thus the award!) but never. EVER. Have they been available to the general public for sale and for real. 

It's pretty dang exciting. Please tell me you're sitting down. Do not make me call our lawyers. Because they have better things to do than answer our calls. (They have kids. Like, three of them, we think. Can you imagine?)

But we digress. Our award-winning Pumpkin Cremes are as you might imagine, then some. We make a rich truffle filling using - you guessed it - all natural pumpkin grown RIGHT HERE IN MAINE. Not a from a can purchased in Maine. WE could use a can. But, um. No. Not gonna do it.

So, we make this amazing pumpkin truffle filling, like the essence of all that is pumpkin kissed with JUST the right amount of spice, and then mold it into a devastatingly luscious white chocolate bonbon, topped with a fierce gingersnap and candied pepita fascinator.

We'll let you know when they're ready to market -- and oh yeah, we'll be selling Great Pumpkins too. You're gonna freak over those! (We hope!)

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