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Delicious mistakes.

Posted on January 14, 2015 by Nate Towne | 0 comments

There's quite a bit of trial and error in this business we call Chocolatiering. (Which to begin with is a very awkward word in its own right.) Not only are there new techniques to master, there are also the standard pitfalls of working with chocolate day-to-day: too much humidity, too much heat, fussy chocolate, maker error, the list goes on. 

This is why we always experiment when creating a new delight - like our Thai Bird Chili chocolates, coming soon for Valentine's Day. Not only are we working with a new type of cocoa butter for the first time, it's a new chocolate mold and a new type of ganache for inside of the chocolate shell. Lots of firsts with this one!

So Mark got to work painting the inside of the chocolate mold cavities with our colored cocoa butter, layering sunset red first, following up with a dazzling jeweled yellow to create a gorgeous two-tone effect. In theory. In reality the cocoa butter didn't temper quite right and ended up melting into the chocolate once poured into the mold - resulting in a splotchy finish. Which we shan't show you -- but trust us, the end result was not as intended!

We could easily have tossed these shells back into the chocolate tempering machine - the color would have melted right into the brown chocolate and we could have started again from scratch. But we figured it was an excellent chance to try out our Thai Bird Chili ganache - which tasted just right to our palates: not too hot, but with a deep spice finish on the tongue. Magnificent! 

The filling of the chocolates with the ganache went as expected - rather easily! As did the 'capping' of the chocolates, when we seal the bottoms with chocolate. (Illustrated here with our Wild Maine Rose and Honey Nougat hearts pictured along with some of our Cherry Ginger Almond chocolate bars.)

BUT we discovered yet another 'maker error' - when blending the chili into the ganache, we didn't account for the extra dark chocolate taste provided by the shell around the ganache. As a result, our chili was somewhat deluded from the original taste. Therefore we adjusted the ganache with a little more punch - and now the resulting chocolate is one we are proud to offer you for Valentine's Day.

We'll unveil the new Thai Bird Chili bonbon in all its splendor this coming weekend, stay tuned!

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