St. Patrick's Day Bonbon Assortment

Celebrate SPD with a bonbon assortment dedicated to all-flavors Irish! Each pre-made grab n go assortment will contain a variety of our St. Patrick's Day bonbons including:

Irish Breakfast Tea Bonbon
We take Ireland's favorite tea and make it into a creamy 62 dark chocolate ganache, which gets lovingly placed into a delightful white chocolate bonbon shell. The result is a creamy Irish Breakfast Tea Bonbon that eats just like the tea sips! 

Irish Coffee Bonbon
Our tribute to the classic Irish Coffee libation! This flavorful bonbon is made with layers of Irish for luck -- you'll love our Jameson blended Irish whiskey caramel which marries deliciously with our 62 percent dark chocolate coffee ganache. Coffee and caramel? Sign us up and then kiss us for good measure! Now there's a cheery Irish welcome for you...

Irish Stout Truffle
Our heady dark chocolate Guinness stout ganache encased in a 62 percent dark chocolate shell. For those who like it DARK!

Irish Cream Bonbon
Your favorite sippin' liqueur (you know, the one that begins with the letter "B") highlighted in a white chocolate ganache encased in a luscious 35 percent milk chocolate shell. 


Category: assortment

Type: Boxed Assortment

Vendor: Christopher Hastings Confections

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