Valentine's Day Chocolate Assortment

Looking for a decadent way to say "I love you!" for Valentine's Day? Consider our 2019 Valentine's Day chocolate assortment, which comes in a delightful Valentine's Day heart-shaped box with a transparent lid to show off the delicious love inside. Speaking of love, did you know the cocoa in chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine, a stimulant that brings a sense of well-being and excitement, and that makes sex seem pretty darn appealing to us humans? It's true! Because we like to bid up the love ante, our Valentine's Day assortment is rife with nature's aphrodisiacs, all anchored in the flavor and taste traditions of Maine. Bring on the love! Our V'Day chocolate assortment includes a selection of the following chocolates based upon your requests and the varieties in stock:

  • Champagne Truffle made with cognac and white chocolate, decorated with gold pigment for that extra Valentine's Day bling yo!
  • Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly; because the nutty taste of peanuts goes so splendidly with raspberry and chocolate. You have been demanding more raspberry, we are delivering the goods!
  • Luxardo Cherry Cordial - some of the world's finest cherries, marinated in marasca cherry juice and then placed in a dark chocolate bonbon shell with plenty of extra juice. If you like your cherry cordials juicy, we think you'll rather enjoy our version.
  • Maine Sea Salt Caramels with pink and platinum sweetheart decor - because you eat and love with your eyes first. Okay, we made that last part up...
  • Wild Maine Rose and Honey Nougat Hearts, because nothing says I love you like a beautiful Maine rose...that you can eat! Nom Nom Nom!

Want a sweetheart assortment but prefer to swap out a few flavors? Not a problem, just send us a note - the price will be the same, you can check out all our current flavors on our 'What's in the Box' Page. Lovers rejoice!

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