Valrhona Snackin' Chocolate

Amazing chocolate - in 'feve' form - perfect for snacking! These are specialty chocolates made with some remarkable ingredients using proprietary techniques by our favorite chocolate makers -- Valrhona. So delicious! 2oz per package

Valrhona Snackin' Chocolate

Araguani: 72% dark Venezualian chocolate -- our darkest!!!

Azelia: Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 

Caramelia: Caramel milk chocolate with caramel notes

Dulcey: Blonde white chocolate with biscuit and toffee notes

Fraise: Strawberry couverture, tastes JUST like strawberries

Kidovoa: Milk chocolate with a hint of banana!

Passion: Passionfruit couverture -- so tart!

Satilia Lactee: 35% milk chocolate



Type: Chocolate

Vendor: Christopher Hastings Confections

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